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Musical Artist


Superstar Yb is a multi-talented Afrobeats singer, songwriter and music producer from the west side of Nigeria.

Superstar Yb sound is an eclectic mix of musical influences from Afrobeats, Reggae and R&B. His voice texture is rumored to have a hint of contemporary jazziness amidst his up-tempo and head-bobbing beats.

Superstar Yb is one of Africa’s Afrobeats most progressive, idiosyncratic acts and mental health advocate. His burgeoning style showcases an artist who is unafraid to push boundaries and who is here to stay.

Haling from the west side of Nigeria, growing up in Edo state and Lagos state, as well as moving to the U.K at an early epoch, the Afrobeats singer and songwriter has been making waves since he dropped his xquisite Afro song “Bottles” which he Co-produced with Mr Marz.