Superstar Yb  is a multi-talented Afrobeats singer, music producer, songwriter, & mental advocate from the west side of Nigeria.
Superstar Yb sound is an eclectic mix of musical influences from Afrobeats, Hip Pop, Reggae and R&B. His voice texture is rumored to have a hint of contemporary jazziness amidst his up-tempo and head-bobbing beats.

Superstar Yb is one of Africa’s Afrobeats music most progressive, idiosyncratic acts and mental health advocate. His burgeoning style  of songs showcases an artist who is unafraid to push boundaries and who is here to stay.

Haling from the west side of Nigeria, the Afrobeats artist and songwriter has been making waves since he first emerged in 2019 with his xquisite Afrobeats & Rap -infused "I'M HOT" produced by T.K (EM).

Superstar Yb followed it up with his United Kingdom & European tour which firmed up his reputation on the international stage as an ‘artist to watch’. 

*BOTTLES* the first official single off Superstar Yb 's Afro King, Vol.1 EP topped the Nigerian  Itunes chart for two weeks on number 1 spot, and charted Top 10 in various chart accross Africa.

Superstar Yb success has taken him across the globe, playing shows in United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey and all across Europe. Meanwhile on home soil, he embarked on his own headline tour and played to massive crowds at some of biggest summer festivals.

Superstar Yb has also established himself as a respected songwriter, working with a number of leading writers and musical talents. 

Superstar Yb has a distinct artistic sensitivity and ability of adapting to a wide range of musical styles – Afrobeats to Pop, from solo percussion performances to improvisations, Reggae, and Hip Pop.


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